By Charles Prince

The North Jefferson News

The Fultondale Wildcats are bracing for an air-raid as they look to win their fifth game in five starts this Friday at Brindlee Mountain High School. The Lions ran 55 plays on offense last week and ran the ball only three times. On the other 52 plays, they put the ball in the air.

“We’ll get to work on our pass rush this week,” Fultondale head coach Keith Register said. “We have to rattle their quarterback and help our coverage.”

The Wildcats won’t change up their defense for the pass-happy Lions, but they will use a nickel package in some instances this week.

“We’re not going to play a different defense,” Register said. “We’re just going to rotate people in-and-out to keep them fresh.”

Register said for part of this week, the Wildcats will work on their kicking game.

“We’ve only punted the ball five times this year, but we’ll need to have the kicking game fine-tuned for later in the year,” he said. “We need to look at it and our kickoff coverage and shore things up.”

Fultondale kicker Chris Carlsen had three touchbacks on kickoffs last week against Cleveland, but Register wants to be sure his team is ready to cover well if Carlsen’s boots don’t reach the end zone.

When the Wildcats have the ball this week, they’ll face their own 4-2-5 split-front defense. Register said knowing who to block shouldn’t be a problem for his offensive front. He said the line has been the key to the Wildcats success so far this season.

“We had 355 yards rushing last week, that’s a super job,” he said. “They’re playing extremely well.”

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