By Charles Prince

The North Jefferson News

• Name: James Winfield

• School: Tabernacle

• Class: Senior

• Sports: Basketball, center/foward.

• What are your fondest memories since you started high school? Getting to the Final Four last season in basketball.

• What is your favorite subject in school? Math, because I just like working with numbers.

• Do you plan on attending college? Yes, but I’m going to attend UAB and study buiness.

• Which of your teammates is the loudest? That would be me.

• Which of your teammates is the team cutup? Daniel Whaley and me.

• What breed of pet do you own and what is it’s name? None.

• Alabama or Auburn? Not interested in that game and I don’t watch it.

• Name a few of your favorite songs. “Beethoven’s Sympohy No. 5,” and “We Ready,” by The West Side Boys.

• What are your goals for this school year, first in the classroom and second, in sports? In the classroom, I’m striving to make all As and Bs. In sports, try to make it back to the state tournament and hopefully win the state championship this time around.

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