By Charles Prince

The North Jefferson News

• Name: Caleb Hoyle

• School: Corner

• Class: Senior

• Sports: Baseball, shortstop/pitcher; football, running back, free safety.

• What are your fondest memories since you started high school? Reaching the second round of the state playoffs last year in both football and baseball.

• What is your favorite subject in school? Science. I’ve always found it interesting.

• Do you plan on attending college? Yes, I want to attend Jacksonville State and I want to study physical education.

• Which of your teammates is the loudest? Bryant Payne.

• Which of your teammates is the team cutup or prankster? Zac Reeves.

• What breed of pet do you own and what is it’s name? I have a 4-year-old boxer named Bear.

• Alabama or Auburn? Alabama.

• Name a three of sports team you follow. The Boston Red Sox, University of Alabama football and the Green Bay Packers.

• What are your goals for this school year, first in the classroom and second, in sports? In the classroom, I finish the year with at least a 3.0 GPA. In sports, I’d like our team get back to the state playoffs in baseball and this time make it to Montgomery and the state finals.

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