Kira Gillespie

Mortimer Jordan senior Kira Gillespie has been named a member of the University of Alabama’s all-girls cheerleading squad. 

Kira Gillespie has been flipping and kicking for as long as she can remember.

She clamped down on the uneven bars for the first time at four years old and converted to cheerleading right about the time sixth grade introduced her to such things as absolute value and the laws of motion. Since then, rarely does a day pass where the Mortimer Jordan senior doesn’t spend time on her craft, one lift and kick at a time. 

And that’s exactly what sent her running for her parents on May 4. Gillespie delivered the big news as the tears fell: She’s a cheerleader at the University of Alabama. 

“It’s always been a pretty big thing, because I did really competitive gymnastics and then I decided to move into cheerleading when I came into the sixth grade,” said Gillespie. “I always wanted to do a more competitive side of cheer so that’s why I went to Ace of Birmingham. I just knew that I wanted to further my career after high school.” 

Gillespie is one of 30 athletes chosen to compete on the Crimson Tide’s all-girls squad for the 2019-20 academic year. She survived a field of 200 during a two-day tryout process in Tuscaloosa. 

“After the first session of tryouts I was freaking out and nervous because there were so many people to cut and the competition was so strong,” said Gillespie, who recently helped the Ace Warriors place fourth overall at the Cheerleading Worlds competition in Orlando, Fla. 

She is scheduled to report to The Capstone for UCA camp on July 8.

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