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Mortimer Jordan vs Pleasant Grove 

FINAL: Time runs out on Devils drive, PGHS 32 to MJHS 25. 

Marsh with the keeper from about 25 out for the MJHS TD. With 5:27 left in game new score PGHS 32 to MJHS 25.

PGHS scores in 4th with 7:21. New score PGHS 32 to MJHS 18.

With 5:32 left in 3rd, PGHS scores. PGHS 26 to MJHS 18.

With 2:34 til half MJHS scores. Two-point attempt no good. New score PGHS 20 to MJHS 18.

Marsh on the keeper from 35 out for MJHS touchdown. PAT missed. With 6:37 til half, PGHS 20 to MJHS 12.

PGHS answers back on first play. 8:50 left to play in 2nd. PGHS 20 to MJHS 6.

MJHS find end zone early in 2nd. With 9:10 left till half, PGHS 12 to MJHS 6.

PGHS scores late in 1st, MJHS blocks point after.  PGHS leads 12-0

PGHS scores on 1st drive. PGHS misses PAT. With 10:36 left in first, score PGHS 6-0     

Gardendale vs Jemison

FINAL: Gardendale wins the opener 35-14

Gardendale leads 28-8 after 3

Gardendale 21, Mae Jemison 8 with 8:50 left in the 3Q.

Gardendale scores to take the lead 14-8 late in the 2nd

Gardendale scores and makes the extra point. Trails Jemison 8-7 with 6:11 left in the 2nd

Jags are on the board with a 6-yard TD run and 2-point conversion. 8-0 with 11:08 left in 2nd

Scoreless in the middle of the 1st.

Fultondale vs Maplesville

FINAL: Game called early due to lightening. Wildcats fall 40-6.

Fultondale trails 40-6 at the start of the 4th

Fultondale has been delayed by lightening in the area, but is set to resume 3rd quarter play shortly

Maplesville leads 21-0 in the 2nd

Maplesville leads 7-0 after 1st quarter

Corner vs Northside

FINAL: Corner wins 20-12

Corner leads 14-12 at the half

Pinson vs Hewitt-Trussville

FINAL: Hewitt wins 40-33

Hewitt scores to take the lead 40-33 with 2:34 left in the game

Game is tied at 33 with 5:24 to play

Pinson leads 27-18

Pinson scores, Hewitt answers but Pinson retains a 21-18 lead

HT scores, but misses PAT to cut Pinson’s lead to 14-12 with 6:09 left in the second 

Pinson leads 14-6 with 6:28 left in the 1st

Tabernacle vs Hope Christian 

FINAL: Hope Christian wins 66-28

Tabernacle trails 24-6 in the 2nd

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