In an area that tends to make history for all wrong the reasons, Jefferson County has done it again.

The declaration of Chapter 9 bankruptcy last week by the Jefferson County Commission marks the lowest point of a poorly-written drama, filled with crime, corruption, greed and ineptitude.

And it could have all been avoided.

So many things went wrong, but most have to do with people trying to line their own pockets at the expense of the governed. Larry Langford, Chris McNair, Wall Street investment bankers — the list goes on and on.

Other factors enter into the equation. The lack of home rule for cities and counties, perpetrated by our state’s bloated and archaic constitution, didn’t help matters.

So, now what?

Good question. The county is going where no other has gone, and hoping to somehow come out intact.

It’s pretty much assured that we are about to see major cutbacks in the services we’ve become used to. Some cuts have already taken place; more are coming. Big-time sewer rate hikes are inevitable. And if you’re counting on help from Montgomery, don’t hold your breath.

We should be mad, but we’ve become so used to this mess that we’re just sad now. We just sit back and wait to see what else is going to kick us in the collective gut.

Let’s just hope that those who got us into this pit will spend a lot of quality time in jail — as some already are.

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