Commentary By Danielle Pelkey

The North Jefferson News

Well, another Father’s Day has come and gone.

I’m sure that all of the dads out there would like to thank their kids for the ties and shoe horns that were purchased in their honor. And they would probably like to thank all of the spouses who bought thoughtful cards thanking them for being such wonderful fathers to their children.

Now that that part is done, we can get to more serious issues. Let me talk (write) to the dads for a moment. Dad, how much time do you actually spend with your babies? You say your child is 16 and they don’t need you anymore? That’s the biggest load of bull I’ve heard.

Kids always need their dads. Even when they are teenagers and make you feel like you are the biggest waste of space in the world.

Kids also need their dads when they are small and believe that you are the baddest dad in town. They love to spend time with you when they are younger. Are you utilizing that time that God has given you with your children?

What about the kids that are grown adults and have kids of their own? Dads, we still need you at this stage, too. I have no doubt in my mind that I can call up my daddy right now and he would listen to my problems, tell me where I’m wrong and then tell me that he loved me.

That’s what a good daddy does. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in, your babies still need you. Your presence in their lives is never unnecessary.

Just last week my sister and I went fishing with my dad. We left all five of our kids at the house with the others and we sneaked away to have a little fishing tournament. It was the first time that just the three of us had been fishing in about 15 years. That time is worth more to me than any amount of money you could offer. Just laughing and cutting up in a bass boat made my world a better place.

Of course, for the sake of this column, I’m going to say that I won the tournament. But the point is that he took time to fish with his baby girls.

So, for all of you dads out there, look your babies in the eyes and be honest with yourself. Are you spending enough quality time with the ones that you love? Will you look back on these times and regret the opportunities that you let slip through your fingers? Or will you look back and laugh at the wonderful memories that you made with your children?

It’s never too late. Take your 30-year-old daughters out fishing with you today. I doubt that you will ever regret it, even if they do catch more fish than you.

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