What a beautiful weekend we were given this week. It was a vast contrast to the snow and ice of the weeks before, but it seemed that most welcomed it with open arms.

I heard that the zoo and other outdoor events were packed out with people who just wanted to get out of their house. This was the case with our family and friends too.

We had a birthday party for my 2-year-old nephew, Ian, and it was perfect.

The wind was blowing and the weather was perfect. There were kids screaming and people talking, dogs barking in the background and food. Sounds like a perfect scenario, doesn’t it? Any time you are surrounded by your closest family and friends, life just seems a little better.

I hope that many of our readers had a chance to get out and enjoy the nice weather we were blessed with. If you have a loved one close by, then this would be the perfect time to grab them by the hand and make them go on a walk with you. Even if your walk doesn’t involve a park or stream, you should still go out. You can walk up the road that you live on. Maybe you would even see a few neighbors who you haven’t talked to since last spring.

We always enjoy putting the kids in a stroller and heading down the street to see what’s happening around the neighborhood. Sometimes we even get to stop and chat it up with a few of our closest  neighbors.

If you have children in your home, I know that you are welcoming this relief of the spring-type air. Any chance to get them playing in the front yard instead of fighting in the bedroom is a good thing.

I enjoyed taking the girls and Ian outside Sunday afternoon. I had a chance to catch up on some much needed reading time and they played until they couldn’t play any longer. They were begging to go inside before the day was over, but momma needed the feel of the outdoors, so I made them hang out as long as they could stand it.

Anytime you spend with your babies is going to be quality time, but there is something special about getting to go outside and play in the grass and dirt with them. We were so bored the other day in our house that we actually made a ginger bread house, after Christmas. We were just running out of fun stuff to do in a little house. Make the most of your time with your kids. Take them to the park or zoo or just in their own front yard, but make sure you do what they want to do. If they are wanting to make mud pies, then help them serve them up. If tag is what they want, then tag is what they get. Make it fun for your kids to hang out with you. You will never regret it.

If you don’t have someone special at your house, then maybe you have a pet that makes your life better. I’m sure there’s not a cat or dog on earth that wouldn’t enjoy going out for a stroll with their best friend. Grab that leash by the front door and make a leap to the front yard. You could play fetch or just sit and swing with them, but pets do love to be outside with their masters.

Basically, just get outside and do something. If you would rather garden by yourself or work on the car, then do that, but get up and get outside. This weather is too pretty to waste on television and computer games.


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