If there is one thing we have learned over the past couple of weeks, it’s that what is done in the darkness will come to the light.

You may think that you can sneak around and do things behind closed doors that will never see the light of day, but you can be assured that all things done behind closed doors will eventually be on display for all to see.

Nothing is truly a secret, and as we’ve seen in the cold case that was cracked this week in Avondale, even 20 years later, your crimes will come to the surface.

I’m sure that woman and man thought they would never be caught. As time passed they probably thought they were in the clear. As they passed the five-year and then ten-year mark I’m sure they thought they were safe from the consequences. But the consequences could never have been far from their minds. That seems evident when the police questioned the male suspect, who was now apparently married and had settled into a normal life in a different state, committed suicide six days later.

Why do we even attempt to do things that need to be hidden? Shouldn’t we live our lives in a rather transparent manner? I remember hearing that anything you have to hide, you shouldn’t do. Makes good sense. If you are ashamed of something you are doing, then you should stop immediately.

My mind naturally veers to the recent leak of information from the Ashley Madison website. If you are unaware, Ashley Madison is a website where married individuals can have affairs with other married people. Their motto for the site is, “Life is short, have an Affair.” The whole concept is sickening and I hope that everyone of the cheaters listed on that site are exposed.

It hits very close to home as 36,000 married people in the metro Birmingham area alone are signed up on this site. How sad that married people are going out of their way to have affairs. They are choosing to spend their family’s money to have affairs with others who are also married. I can’t even fathom how one reaches this point in their lives, but one thing is for sure, everything will eventually be brought to the light.

The people on this website spent extra money to make sure that their information was to remain confidential. Little did they know that there would be a team of hackers who would come in and destroy their good time.

This team of hackers has apparently offered to keep the identities of the users secret if the website will be taken down.

Let me just interject my own thoughts here for a moment. If you are sleezy enough to have a profile on this website, then you aren’t going to stop cheating on your spouse just because they remove this website. You’ve got issues much deeper than this one website. But this website is a mirror for us to see how despicable our society is becoming.

These married people honestly thought that they could be on this website surrounded by other cheaters and never be found out. Why would we ever do anything that we would be ashamed to be “found out” about?

From murders to cheating to a little white lie... be sure your sins will find you out. Nothing stays in the dark.

Live a good, honest, clean life so that when people start to take a closer look at your life, they just see more goodness. Don’t keep secrets, don’t live a life that requires secrets. Be open and honest and I can assure you, more people will be drawn to you.

Your secrets may not come out this week or next. Nope, you may get 20 years down the road before your past starts to bite you. But just know that you do have to answer for the things that you do. Make good decisions and when the past catches up with you, it won’t hurt you or your family.

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