Your entire life can change in the blink of an eye. 

One decision can change everything. One wrong sentence can alter a lifetime of a relationship. One phone call can make a world of difference. 

Seconds count.

In a flash you can go from singing with your kids in the car to fighting for your life in a hospital. The same is true of a phone call. Just a month ago one phone call altered my life dramatically. Hearing that one of my best friends had tragically passed away changed my life.

When I got the phone call I was in the middle of baking some cookies for church the next day. I was laughing and singing to the music that my husband had playing the background.  We were kid-free and had been dancing and cutting up all morning. Even when the phone rang I made a joke about the name on my phone. 

Immediately my laughter turned to tears. That’s the impact that one moment can have on your life.

Just as one moment can change your life, the little comments you make can change lives too. 

In my heavier days, I remember eating a candy bar while walking through a room, someone jokingly said, “You might need to put down that candy bar and pick up an apple.” We laughed, and it really was funny, but it changed the way I thought. It made me realize how others saw me. I promise, the person who said it would never try to hurt my feelings or make me feel fat, but that sentence turned into my anthem for losing weight.

When you’re in a heated discussion with your children or your spouse, remember the lasting affects of your words. Remember the weight that your comments carry.

Don’t even drop sentences about divorce to your spouse. You’re planting little seeds that can alter the future of your relationship. If you ever utter the words, “I wish I had never married you.” or “My life would be so much better without you in it.” you’re laying a foundation for a hurtful and broken relationship from that point on. You can’t take back your words and even if they are said out of anger without a true base, they are planted in your partner’s mind and it will affect them.

Every second counts. Every sentence counts. Your actions have consequences and your reactions do too.

If I could go back and change what I was doing that Saturday morning when I got that phone call about my friend, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t change a thing. God knew I needed that time of refreshing laughter before the pain of that call. He knew what He was doing when my hands were covered in cookie dough as I answered the phone. He was preparing me, although I had no idea.

Perhaps you are being prepared today. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. We don’t even know what today holds. But we can live our lives in a way that brings light to those around us and that leaves goodness behind. 

This could very well be my last column, and if so, I hope that I have left something good for those who remain behind. It’s vitally important to live a life that teaches those around you all of the things you want them to know. I pray that my life teaches my family that I love them and that nothing in this world has been more important than them in my life. I hope that my words have been kind, to my friends, my neighbors and even my enemies. 

Most of all, I hope that my life has shared Christ. I don’t want anyone to wonder what I believed or where I stood with my eternity, and I want to live that out every day. We never know when a moment is going to change the course of our lives, but we can make the most of each moment that we are given.

If there is a phone call you need to make, do it now. If there is a meeting you need to arrange, do it now. You don’t know that you will be afforded that opportunity if you continue to wait. The only thing certain in your life is that nothing is certain. Outside of Christ, there are no guarantees, and that is why it’s important to remember the power of the moment.

Time flies by, and those moments escape us without our caring. But every once in a while a moment will catch our breath, good or bad, and those are the moments that we have to hold on to. Those are the moments that we have to live our lives around. We can’t be prepared for all of the moments that life hands us, but we can live out our lives to the best of our ability. 

Make the most of the moments you are given today.

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