Let’s tackle an issue that isn’t going to be too popular. I’ve seen a lot of things on Facebook and other social media outlets about breast feeding. These posts talk about how beautiful it is and how it should be socially acceptable. I agree whole heartedly, but I think there is a basic level of common decency that is being overlooked while trying to bring awareness of breastfeeding to the forefront.

Yes, I believe that breastfeeding is the best possible way for a mother to feed her child. There have been countless studies to prove that the bond is closer for breastfeeding moms and children. Studies also show that it increases the immune system of the child and it is an all-together healthier option for momma and baby. 

An added bonus is that it burns calories for the mom. So when you feel the fattest and most unattractive of your entire life, it’s a mini workout to feed your baby, plus you get all of the extra bonuses we already discussed.

As you can see, I am all for breastfeeding mommas. I got the privilege of breastfeeding my own daughters and I wholeheartedly agree with the studies that prove it’s worth.

But... and yes, there is a big but right here. I don’t think that it should be acceptable for moms to breastfeed without coverings in public places.

These videos on the internet of moms supporting breastfeeding and then exposing their chests to the wide open public view of anyone who comes across their paths is distasteful.

I don’t want to have to explain to my daughter why she is seeing your entire breast while we are shopping for school clothes. I also don’t want to sit across from your unclothed bosom while trying to eat my family dinner at the restaurant. 

It is completely inappropriate for a woman to think that just because she is feeding a child, she should get a pass for exposing her chest to the rest of the world.

Please remember, I know that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. It is the most perfect way to feed your baby, but have the common courtesy of either covering up your exposed chest or doing it in a less public setting.

I breastfed my daughters for a year, and I understand the hardships that come along with breastfeeding. No mom likes sitting on a toilet in a restaurant while feeding her child. I completely understand that. I’ve been there, done that. But if you would please have respect for those around you to cover up your chest, it would really take care of the issue without putting you in an unsanitary position.

I don’t think most women would change a child’s diaper right out in a public setting, so why do we think that it’s okay for the mom to expose herself in public? 

If I had a son, there is no way I would want the stress of having to dodge every breastfeeding mom in public places. It brings up more questions than I care to answer sometimes for my daughters, so I can only imagine if you’re dealing with a little boy in those situations.

Please have the common courtesy of just covering up your exposed chest when feeding your child in public. I’m not asking you to do anything  ridiculous, only that you keep things PG in public settings for the sake of those around you. 

I’m sure this column isn’t going to make me any friends and the backlash will probably make me wish I had never said anything, but please remember that this is just one woman’s opinion. Also, please remember that I am one woman who breastfed her children and knows the hassles associated with this request.

I would also like to point out that the reason God gave women breasts was to feed their children, that’s their main purpose. So all of you women out there exposing your breast for no other reason than to catch a man, that’s even more distasteful.

Please just cover up the upper portion of your body to a decent degree and no one will get their feelings hurt by this column. 

There’s a good quote that would be useful in this situation, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” Is it decent? Is it in order? 

Of course you should breastfeed if you can. It was one of the most wonderful times of my life. I’ve never even once regretted my decision to be a breastfeeding mother. I am an advocate for that process and have helped several of my friends and family members when they first had their babies. Breastfeeding is hard. It’s a thankless job and I promise that I’m not trying to make it harder on new moms. 

But we do have to be aware of the world around us and how our presentations of ourselves effects them. Be decent when breastfeeding. Be decent when walking down the street. Be decent at all times.

Encourage pregnant and new moms to breastfeed their children. Be a help to them and offer any assistance they may need in that process. They have a lot on their plates as it is and would probably appreciate the encouragement of other ladies around them. 

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