It rains on the just and the unjust. That’s clear to see when we look around our world. It seems, sometimes, as though the people who have the best hearts and souls end up with the worse situations. And then we look and the people who, figuratively speaking, probably have hearts as black a ravens,  seem to be prospering without any cares to weigh them down.

What is it about the human race that makes us do so much comparison? We are constantly comparing our houses, our cars, our kids, our jobs and our situations. It’s as if we can never be good enough and when we think we’ve reached a level of goodness that we are satisfied with, we immediately turn up our noses at those who are still climbing to get to where we are. We are a brutal society most of the time.

When things start to crumble in your own life, do you secretly hope they crumble in others’ lives so that you will feel better about your own situation? I’m going to be completely honest and say that I have been there. I’ve sat and watched as my world was seemingly falling apart and just wished everyone else was going through it so that it didn’t feel so lonely and final. Those days can seem like the end of the world and if you don’t have good, positive people to help you out of that pit, they can really get the best of you.

Some of our situations were brought upon us by ourselves. They were put on our shoulders because of the choices that we’ve made in our lives and the way that we’ve handled situations. That doesn’t really make them an easier load to carry, but at least those burdens make sense.

The particularly hard burdens to bear, in my opinion, are the ones that make no sense.

Why do a great husband and wife have to bury their week-old baby because of complications in birth? Why was your sibling born with a debilitating disease and you were completely healthy? It doesn’t make sense and all that we can really say is that it rains on the just and the unjust.

But there is a huge difference between the just and the unjust. You see, believers have something, or rather Someone, they can turn to. Someone to give them hope when all else seems bleak and empty. Some people may say that this hope is a bogus belief in an unreal God, but it gives people strength to carry on so they choose to believe.

I happen to believe that it is a belief in the God who formed the universe, the God who created the just and the unjust and the God who holds eternity in His hands.

If we have faith in the things of this world alone, then we are of all men, most miserable. If the only thing you can see is the situation you are in at this moment, then you are a very frail and fragile individual. I can’t imagine not having the hope of a future after this life is over. I can’t imagine not knowing where my eternity will be spent or wondering why I was even created.

I get upset just like everyone else. I have my moments of doubts and even my moments of wondering if God knew what He was doing when He allowed me to be born.

But when I get really down, I just think back to Job and David and the other mighty men of God who also seemed to find themselves in pits at some points in their lives.

Into every life some rain must fall. It’s what we do during those rainfalls that determines what kind of person we really are.

Oh I’m human, I want to sit and wallow and cry in the mud puddle just like a baby sometimes, but where does that leave me? It just leaves me wet, muddy and moody. No good comes from whining and crying about our situations. The good in our situations comes from changing them, if it is in our power to do so, or praying for ourselves and the others who are involved in the situations to be changed for the good through them.

Sometimes one delivery of horrible news will wipe us off of our feet, but it could also happen from several little deliveries of  not-so-good news. We become weaker and weaker over time and forget how blessed we truly are. We start to take our eyes off of everything that is going right in our lives and start focusing on the little problems that seem to be forming together to create a giant that is ready to wreck our lives.

We have to keep things in their perspective. If you have a huge problem, deal with it the best that you can and leave the rest of it up to God. If you have several little issues that you see creeping up around you today, knock them out one at a time and thank God that you are able to stand and fight another day. Don’t get discouraged or beat up by the problems that sneak into your life. Take them by the throat and choke them out. Use force if you have to, but don’t let them take you over.

If you know God, then you know the One who is able to handle all of your problems, and I can guarantee you that He is bigger than anything this world or the devil can throw at you.

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