If you haven’t heard the name Ashley Madison lately, they your head must be in the sand. Just to fill everyone in, Ashley Madison is the name of a website where married?(or single) people can sign up to have affairs with married people.

Their slogan is “Life is short, have an affair.” They also advertise that an affair is guaranteed through their website. 

I want everyone to know exactly what kind of website we are talking about so that no one is left in the dark. These are people who sign up and pay money to have affairs with married people. 

It’s sick. And after seeing that Alabama is “by far the most unfaithful state in America,” I’d say this hit closer to home than anyone expected.

The event that brought all of this back up in the spotlight is that the hacker group known as the Impact Group leaked all of the Alabama names and addresses of paid subscribers earlier this week. That means that everyone who paid toward their account now has a name, email address, physical address and the amount of money they put toward their Ashley Madison account out there for all of the world to see. 

Seem embarrassing enough? It should. People rushed to websites to see who they knew on the list and, if you live around these parts, you were probably as shocked as everyone else at the number of locals on the list.

I’m sure there are some who aren’t legit, but how many families have been turned upside down this past week?

I’ve heard that there have already been two confirmed suicides linked to this leak of information and people are starting to put the blame on the Impact Group. How are we going to place blame on the hackers who brought the truth to light? 

Did they cause anyone to have an affair? No, they probably actually stopped more affairs from taking place by bringing this disgusting website to the public’s attention.

They didn’t add to the awfulness of this site; they tried to stop it. I’ve heard that they actually offered to keep all of their found information to themselves as long as the executives of Ashley Madison would pull down the website. I guess that was too much to ask because they never pulled down the site. So now all of these married people’s secret lives are coming to the light against their will.

Getting upset with the hackers for this leak of information is like getting mad at the newspaper for telling you that your next door neighbor is a murderer. Wouldn’t you put the blame on the murderer and not on the source giving you the information? This is no different. This group didn’t cause the break-ups of these families. The cheating spouses caused the break-ups of these families. The hackers only told the truth — the cold, hard truth. Once again my mind goes back to the old saying, “Be sure your sins will find you out.”

I’m sure everyone who signed up for this service thought this was a secure site and that they would never be caught. They probably thought it was more secure since it was married people having affairs with other married people. 

But there is no real security to be found in secrets. If you have to sneak around to do something, then it’s wrong. If you don’t want your spouse finding out about something, don’t do it at all. 

There may be some families where the cheating spouse has already admitted to the affairs to their spouse. These are the ones I actually do feel sorry for. If this is the case, then this family has already dealt with this pain and thought it was safe to move on only to have it exposed to the world now. They will all have to deal with the pain of this discovery. 

I know several people who have discovered their parents on this list. How do you think that affects their lives? How do you think that daughter or son feels when people ask them about their parent whose name is on the list? It’s going to happen. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

It’s not only embarrassing to the ones who are guilty, it’s embarrassing to the innocent people in their lives.

It’s time we realize that cheating isn’t cute. It isn’t harmless. It does nothing more than hurt. It hurts the cheaters and the ones who are cheated on. It hurts the homes that are affected. There are innocent wives, husbands, children and parents who are having to clean up the pieces left behind from these bad decisions.

Know that your choices effect those around you. No one is left unaffected when an affair takes place. 

Live a clean life and you’ll never have to worry about hacked websites or leaked information.

Do it for yourself, and your family.

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