Aren’t you glad that your life doesn’t revolve around college football? If you’re an SEC fan then you probably had a pretty good day last Saturday.?Although three of our teams dropped out of the top 25, we still have a good presence there. If you are an Auburn fan, you have probably dealt with a great deal of ridicule for the past few days. 

If you are unaware, The University of Auburn football team, ranked 6th in the nation on Saturday, played the Jacksonville State Gamecocks this past weekend.

Of course this should have been a cakewalk game. I, personally, was so sure this game would be a blowout that I did housework through the first quarter of the game. That’s right, I was listening to it in the background as I folded socks and washed dishes. But after the first quarter I realized that our team needed me to sit down and cheer for them like I?usually do. No, actually, I realized that my team was stinking up the game and then I started getting interested in the who, where and whys as to why we were staying behind an FCS school on the scoreboard.

If this was all just some gimmick put together by the SEC Network to actually get people to watch what should have been a blowout of a game, then I applaud you. It worked. I was glued to the television, but it wasn’t out of anxious anticipation of how badly we would beat the underdogs. Nope, it was biting my fingernails (much like Gus was doing on the sidelines) while yelling at the screen. 

I?am one of those fans who considers Auburn to be my team. It’s “my players,” “my coach,” and yes even “my win or loss.” Our wins and losses don’t determine my attitude for the rest of the week, but it does determine what kind of ridicule I?will have to endure for the rest of the week.

I guess I didn’t disclose this bit of information, but I am one of those obnoxious Auburn fans. Yep, I got so tired of obnoxious Alabama fans that I decided to meet and greet them in the same way. I?live in a home surrounded by Alabama fans. I?come from a family of all Alabama fans. I?have come through the wilderness of being raised by Alabama fans, I came out on the up and up. But all of these things add up to the fact that I am constantly around Alabama fans. There is not one day of my life that I go through the day without meeting up with Alabama fans. They even surround me here at work.

But when I am obnoxious, I try to keep it light-hearted. You see, I know that there is so much more to this life than watching a group of college guys in tight pants throw and kick a ball around. I know, I know, that was a punch in the gut to a few of our readers, but it’s true. 

The outcome of the game Saturday has no lasting effect on my life. It probably has no lasting effect on your life either. We will talk about that game for years to come, sure. It will be a joke and a card that gets played at all of our football watching parties for the rest of the season, but it really doesn’t matter.

Yes, Auburn dropped 12 points in the polls. We probably shouldn’t even be in the top 25 after the way we played this week, but a win is a win. 

Everyone still had to go to work on Monday and, after all of the water cooler jokes, I’m sure it didn’t ruin your day.

You see, in the south, we have a problem with keeping football, especially college football, in perspective. Our lives don’t depend on it. Our livelihoods don’t depend on it. Our health doesn’t depend on it. So keep it where it should be. 

Get excited when your team wins. Yell a little and maybe even throw a few pillows across the room when your team loses. (If your team goes into overtime with a practical junior college team, then you have my permission to also throw a remote at the fireplace.) But don’t let it ruin who you are. Don’t let it ruin your testimony. Don’t let it turn you into a grizzly bear for the rest of the day. Keep it in perspective. 

There is too much life to be lived outside of a silly game on television. Go out and continue to live.

Plus, there is always next week’s game. We’re going to win some, we’re going to lose some, but don’t be so miserable that people don’t want to even watch the games with you.

Have fun even when you’re losing and your family and even your kids may learn a thing or two from your good attitude.

Enjoy the games, have fun and then walk away from them unchanged as a person afterwards.

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