Is race an issue for you? Do you find yourself making racist comments or having racist thoughts when someone from a different background comes around?

Perhaps some people are racist and they don’t even know it.

I truly wish that race weren’t an issue. It makes no sense to me why we mark our race on anything at all. If race isn’t supposed to matter, then when we go to fill out a job application or a scholarship application it shouldn’t even be asked of us what our race is.

Our race shouldn’t hold us back, but our race shouldn’t help us either. We shouldn’t get special privileges for being of a certain color; in the same respect, we shouldn’t get held back or punished for being of a certain color, either.

I seriously wish we could just take the race card completely off of the table! It is played way too much and it is misused way too much. People are punished for being a color, and people are promoted for being a color. People shouldn’t change at all for their color — people should be promoted or punished because of their behavior, not their skin tone.

It really boils my blood to be around people who are racist. And may I just clear this up: racists aren’t just one color. They are not white, they are not yellow, they are not red and they are not black. Race comes in all shapes and sizes, and racists do as well.

So what set me off on this rant?

I have a friend of mine who is black. While he was eating at a local diner this week, he overheard a man refer to his race with the “N word” and proceed to say that they shouldn’t be able to carry pistols around this town.

Let me get you in on a little secret. Our rights are the same across the board, no matter what color our skin is. The black man has just as much right to carry a weapon as a white man. As long as he is abiding by the laws of the land, then I support that right with everything that is in me.

Your color doesn’t make you a good person or a bad person, your character does. Instead of categorizing our society by race, let’s do a character test and then put people in their boxes according to how they rank. I would choose 100 honest Asian friends over one dishonest white friend. I try hard not to judge anyone on the color of their skin but on the content of their character.

I don’t care what color you are. If you’re mean, then I don’t care to be around you. If you are hateful, I won’t be your friend. So race isn’t the bottom the line, no matter what you may think.

It doesn’t matter how you were brought up or what you were taught as a child. If you are racist, then that is on you. Only you can make that change for the generations coming up behind you.

I think one of the most discriminated people in the world is the white male. He is discriminated against because of his race and his sex. I would not want to try to get along in the world as a white man — they have a lot of red tape to fight through every day. And they are fighters — that’s why they are still pushing on.

The same is true of the black male. They have their own set of discriminationatory acts to fight through, and many are rising to the top to break off the stereotypes that surround them.

Not all black men beat their wives, leave their children, do drugs and are unemployed. That’s just not the case, and if you are thinking that is how the world works, then you are the one with a bad view of society. It’s not the race of the man that makes them act any certain way. It’s the decisions of the man.

So take the race card off the table. Don’t use it for or against people when you meet them. Get out of the racist box and start to view people as people, not as a color. There is so much more to people than just the color of their skin. We all bleed red blood, we are all the same on the inside. It’s about time that we all treated each other as if we were equals, across the board.

Love doesn’t know color. It sees past that, and we are suppose to love each other. If you don’t care for a person’s skin tone, look past that and get to know the person’s personality. That’s the part of the person that will determine whether or not they are worth keeping in your life.

Don’t cross people off of your list because they are Indian, African, Caucasian, Asian or any other race. Be open to getting to know the person and not their skin.

We live in a small world, and it really is time that we all start to get along. Race does nothing but divide if we let it.

Be deeper than your race. Let character be what determines who you let in your life.

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