This past weekend’s weather beckoned us all to be outside enjoying the good things that are available through this nice Alabama atmosphere. It was breathtakingly beautiful. 

My husband and I had the chance to be completely kid-free this weekend, so the sky was the limit of what we could do for the entire weekend. We had only one event to work around and we were pumped. So pumped that we were in the bed by 9 p.m. both Friday and Saturday night. I felt like I lived back at home with my parents when I had a 10 p.m. curfew and fun times definitely had it’s limits. 

But we didn’t have a curfew, we could do anything we wanted to do, and yet we found ourselves lounging at the house before the sun had good and set. 

As we sat in the bed Saturday night I looked over at my husband and informed him that I was expecting something awesome Sunday. We needed to be intentional, we needed to be adventurous, we needed to live a little. 

So Sunday morning at 6 a.m. he woke me up by throwing the covers off the bed and telling me to get my shoes on, we were going for a walk. 

Okay guys, if a woman says she wants a great, adventurous, romantic time, it has nothing to do with the outside at 6 a.m. But I got up and after applying three layers of clothing, we were out the door for a nice walk down the driveway. 

After chturch and homecoming lunch, we got back home and he informed me that I might want to change into some tennis shoes and shorts for the rest of the evening. 

I was starting to fall into that “wiped out let’s take a nap” phase, so I jumped up and did as I was told. 

We ended up at Red Mountain Park where we hiked the trails for most of the evening. After that we found a nice little restaurant that overlooked a beautiful bluff. Of course the restaurant wasn’t open, so we took in the scenery and then made our way to Papa Saia’s in Helena where we sat with a beautiful view and just enjoyed our evening together. We then grabbed some ice cream and a movie to take back to the house.

As we were heading home, I realized that we had actually had a rather adventurous weekend, I just hadn’t noticed. 

Friday night we had gone out to eat and then brought a movie back to the house. 

Saturday we had walked at Railroad Park, rode the four wheeler down new and exciting trails, done some shopping and went to an awesome fish fry at a local church. We watched one of our gorgeous daughters dance at the Alabama Theater and had polished off the day with dinner at my parent’s house surrounded by family.

We had actually had a weekend that would make a normal person’s head spin, but since our days ended early, I thought they were failures.

What a bratty attitude!

Once I realized how selfish I had been, it really put things into perspective for me. 

We live a very active lifestyle. There aren’t many days per week that we are actually at home, yet we expect to run all weekend to make up for the memories that we miss throughout the week. 

Maybe our best memories will be made by just taking early morning walks down the driveway on Sundays. Or maybe your best day of the week will be when you crash on the couch Friday night with your sleeping husband’s head in your lap during the movie. 

Fun days are whatever you make them. You can be at the happiest restaurant in town, but with a bad attitude, it will be awful. You can be having a boring Saturday night at home, but with the right companion and a good attitude, you can make some great memories that will last a lifetime.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather when it cooperates, or take advantage of the rainy days. Make the most of every situation and don’t give grief if you find yourself at home before 9 p.m. on a kid-free night. Enjoy the peace and rest and make bigger plans for the next day. You have the opportunity to make today a great day or a bad day, it’s your decision.

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