What does your music say about you? I have always liked music, but since marrying my husband, music has become more important to me.

I absolutely love worship music and whether at home, in the car or at church, some good worship music can get me moving in a heartbeat. It does so much for the soul and for the mind.

But let’s talk about music outside of worship style.

What you listen to says a lot about who you are. I can tell what kind of mood my husband is in as soon as I walk in the door if music is playing.

Not only is your music a thermometer for what mood you are in, it can change your mood sometimes. There have been several times in my life that I have been down about something, but turned on some upbeat, happy music and all of a sudden, my mood is lighter.

Music isn’t just about moods, it’s about memories also. A certain song coming through the speakers can make me smile the biggest smile, on the inside and outside.

I think that’s why young couples make it a point to have “their song.” It’s a way of staking claim to that person and that song.

I’ve been so attached to music lately that it can not only turn a bad mood good, but it can turn a good mood bad. That’s when you’re probably too connected to your music.

We all have our favorite bands or singers ... I guess they are called artists now. And whether you are into hip hop, country, disco or rap, you’ve got to listen to the words of the music you are jamming out to. The message of your music is important. There have been times that I have loved a song so much and even car-danced every time it came on the radio, only to finally listen to the words a few months later and be appalled at the lyrics I was humming to.

Lyrics never mattered so much as they do now. I have four little girls who are listening to the same music I am listening to. They are also quick learners. They can memorize a song much quicker than I can, even if they only get every third word right in the song.

We’ve been very careful to watch what we fill our daughter’s ears with. What goes in your ears, goes into your mind and eventually comes back out of your mouth. It’s like that old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” The truth hurts.

When our girls got old enough to start really singing along with the songs, I realized just how many songs have curse words in them. And even though we try to tune them out in our own minds, when we are listening to music with these words in them with our children, we are filling their vocabulary with words that they should never have to filter while riding with their own parents in the car.

Even in country music it’s hard to find a song that isn’t about drinking, getting into trouble or beating someone up. It seems that all mainstream music is filling up with bad messages and we are eating it up.

If you happen to listen to rap or R&B, be careful that you aren’t just filling your mind with musical pornography. That’s really what most of this music boils down to. You may not even realize it until you start to hear your 5-year-old sing the very same lyrics you were humming earlier in the day.

Be careful what you put into your ears; what you let into your heart. If it’s uplifting and encouraging, then turn it up and dance the night away. But if it’s pure trash, make the right decision to turn it off, even if it has a good beat.

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