Tuesday afternoon I witnessed something great. It was the picture of self-sacrifice and love. I watched as a family adopted two little girls into their family as their very own.

One of my dearest friends has been a foster parent for many years and has said on multiple occasions that she would love to adopt more children.

She has three birth children of her own, so the thought of adding more children to the home is a task in and of itself.

This isn’t a decision that just the momma of the family makes. No, this decision effects the daddy, of course, and the sisters and brother who are already living their dream in the home.

I’ve never been without my parents. I’ve never needed someone to step in and be my saving grace in a situation like this, so I have no idea what these girls are feeling. But I can guarantee you one thing, of the many feelings that are surely flooding their hearts, love is at the top of the list.

It is one thing to marry someone who already has children. I knew when I married my husband that I would be marrying two beautiful little girls and that they would be just as much my daughters as the two I birthed. That is why we never use the word “step” when talking about our family members. We want equality in our home. Equality of love that goes beyond any last names or hair and eye colors. I hope that of anything my daughters feel from me, love is at the top of the list.

But I’ve never had to stand before a judge to get to that point with my girls. My friend and her family have gone through a lot of work with hard times, tears, fears and concerns to get to that table today in front of the judge. And it showed on those cute little girls’ faces that they knew the love that their mommy and daddy have for them.

As I watched, I thought of how hard it would be to try to balance the love in your heart between five beautiful children. As parents, we want to be everything to our children and I know it’s got to feel overwhelming to want that for five different people at the same time. But I just believe that it is the grace of God that gives us the expanded heart capacity to hold whatever number of children you have in there.

There was a lot of excitement in the courtroom with over 20 people there to welcome those girls into their new family. Friends and family came just to show their support for the girls and for the family.

This new, larger family is just like any other growing family. They will need people to help them out at times. They will need their friends to help them sort through their feelings and they will need love and support to continue throughout their lives.

The hard part isn’t over, it’s just beginning for this family.

They can finally give these girls their last name and finish off the pieces of the puzzle to make them a perfect fit for the family, but they can’t stop today.

Today is just the beginning of the rest of their lives. They now get to breathe a fresh breath knowing that they will be there when these girls graduate high school and college.

Their daddy will get to walk them down the aisle when they are married and they will get to be there to hold their grandchildren as the years roll on. There has got to be a peace that takes place when it is all done.... when they are officially your babies... that goes beyond understanding.

Just knowing that no matter what happens, these babies are a part of your family just like the other children you have has got to be breathtaking.

I, personally, could not be happier for this family. This is something they have wanted for a long time and they deserve all of the happiness in the world. I will help them in any way I can and I will treat all five of their babies the exact same.

Nothing hurts a family worse than an outsider trying to put division in a family. It’s important that their family and friends stand with them and help close up any of the gaps that may be there. Our job is to help all of their family know how much we love them and support them in everything they do.

Their road isn’t always going to be easy; no one’s is. But with true love and with knowing the God of Love, they will make a wonderful family for these girls and these girls can bring lots of happiness to these parents and siblings. Love never fails. It is an amazing thing that goes far beyond the reach of our human minds. It doesn’t make sense as to why a family would take in children who don’t belong to them and then love them and treat them as their very own, but again, thank God that true love knows no boundaries.

Adoption is a beautiful thing and I am so happy to have friends with hearts big enough to take such a huge step of faith and love.

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