Stephanie Keller

A preliminary hearing in the death of a Gardendale resident and Vestavia Hills police officer decided there was enough evidence in the case to send it to a Jefferson County grand jury.

Andrew Wade Kimbrel, 42, died early May 3 after police say his wife, Stephanie Nicole Keller, shot him in the head with his service weapon at his home in Woodbrook Apartments in Gardendale.

Kimbrel and Keller argued the night of the shooting about finances and Keller spending money without telling Kimbrel, according to a report on al. com related to the testimony of Gardendale Police Detective Kyle Pannell. Pannell said police questioned Keller for several hours as well as having the Prescott Center in Birmingham question Kimbrel’s daughter and Keller’s son, who were in the home at the time of the altercation but were unharmed.

Gardendale Police said Keller, 43, was not injured during the incident and had no visible injuries when she left the custody of the Gardendale Police Department. When asked about a visible injury to Keller’s face in her booking photo at the Jefferson County Jail, Police Chief Mike Walker confirmed that Keller did not have that injury at the time she was questioned at the Gardendale Police Department. An incident report obtained from the Jefferson County Jail details that Keller fell at the jail and bloodied her lip there.

Keller remains free on $100,000 bond. She is charged with one count of murder. A Facebook fundraiser set up to benefit her raised $90 of the $1,000 goal.

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