Charleston Wells

Charleston Wells, 18, of Bessemer, has been convicted of reckless endangerment in a case of a shooting at a home in Fultondale's Chapel Hills in 2016. 

The incident, which police say occurred in the pre-dawn hours of of January 4, 2016, resulted in the man allegedly being shot at by Wells and other teens, but no one was injured. 

Wells was previously tried, but acquitted, in the highly-publicized murder of Hoover veteran Mike Gilotti.

In the current case, he was charged with attempted murder but was not found guilty of that, just reckless endangerment. 

In both the Fultondale and Hoover cases, police alleged that the teens were stealing from parked vehicles when the homeowners confronted them.

Wells and a friend are also facing charges they were part of a robbery in December 2015 in Pelham and a rape by forcible compulsion charge from August 2017 in Bessemer. 

Sources close to the investigations have alleged that Wells and Ahmad Johnson were part of a gang that called themselves "Money Making Mafia."

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