Morris traffic

According to the Town of Morris, Jefferson County has decided to change the traffic pattern at the two four-way stops on Morris Majestic Road after a high volume of traffic and large number of complaints from residents.

The changes, which will take effect on December 12, include removing the stop signs on Morris Majestic to make them a two-way stop for the other roads, Glenwood Road and Old Highway 31.

The stop signs on Morris Majestic Road will be replaced with a flashing yellow light to indicate caution, but drivers will not stop.

There will also be a speed limit change on Morris Majestic to slow traffic down coming through those intersections, but the specific speed limit has not been announced.

The Town of Morris released the following statement on its Facebook:

“We understand this is a major change and are anticipating calls and questions. Please contact Town Hall with any questions regarding this change. Our number is 205-647-0596 and the email is Jefferson County has made these changes on their road. If you are unhappy with these changes once they are implemented, please contact the County.”

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