Police Blotter

Police reports were provided by north Jefferson County police agencies.

These reports are a matter of public record. This list only represents arrests and all parties are innocent until and unless they are proven guilty in court.

Gardendale Arrests

•11/26: Tony Hughes, 50 Birmingham, failure to appear

•11/27: Corey Banks, 22, Gardendale, receiving stolen property, failure to appear

•11/27: Douglas Cato, 31, Trafford, failure to appear

•11/28: Jason Jones, 39, Gardendale, disorderly conduct

•11/29: Shelby Pelkey, 24, Warrior, driving under the influence

•11/29: Steven Martin, 36, Gardendale, failure to appear

•11/30: Joel Hardy, 27, Bessemer, failure to appear

•12/1: Gerald Elsberry, 58, Gardendale, failure to appear

•12/2: Bryan Anderson, 31, Sumiton, failure to appear

•12/3: James Moore, 49, Gardendale, failure to appear

•12/4: Anthony Burrow, 28, Warrior, failure to appear

•12/5: Laquanis Bishop. 41. Birmingham, failure to appear

•12/7: Steven Harrell, 55, Fultondale, failure to appear

•12/7: Anthony Burnett, 33, Jasper, failure to appear

•12/8: Brett Gallups, 26, Montevallo, failure to appear

•12/9: Clint Touchtone, 32, Oneonta, failure to appear

•12/10: Carmise Matthews, 44, Birmingham, theft of property

•12/11: Ira Wooten, 48, Gardendale, public intoxication

•12/12: Deanna Brakefield, 34, Birmingham, theft of property

Gardendale Incidents

•11/26: theft of property, Glen Chapel Road

•11/26: theft of property, Greenwood Ave.

•11/26: theft of property, Rhody Drive

•11/26: domestic violence, Willow Bend Drive

•11/27: domestic violence, Windy Oaks Lane

•11/27: harassment, Chapelridge Cove

•11/29: harassment, Dogwood Street

•11/29: domestic violence, Magnolia Court

•11/29: domestic violence, Chapelridge Drive

•11/30: theft of property, 655 Fieldstown Road

•12/1: domestic violence, Melonie Lane

•12/1: domestic violence, Canterbury Street

•12/2: unlawful breaking and entering vehicle, 1315 Decatur Highway

•12/4: theft of lost property, Scenic Drive

•12/4: theft of property, Wren Way

•12/6: domestic violence, Shivas Way

•12/5: domestic violence, Glenview Drive

•12/6: theft of property, 1210 Main Street

•12/8: harassment, Long Lead Drive

•12/8: domestic violence, Willow Bend Drive

•12/9: theft of property, 2264 Mt. Olive Road

•12/9: theft of property, 1315 Decatur Highway

•12/9: theft of property, Melanie Lane

•12/10: criminal trespass, 2251 Mt. Olive Road

•12/11: criminal mischief, Ridgecrest Drive

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