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The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is looking for this suspect in a robbery last week on Republic Road near the Watson community. This photo is taken from surveillance video at a sporting-goods store in Five Points West, where this man used a credit card stolen from the victim. If you recognize this man, call the Sheriff's Office at 325-1450 or Crimestoppers at 254-7777.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is asking for help in identifying the suspect in a robbery on Republic Road early last week, not far from the site of a another robbery that took place last Saturday.

A female victim reported that she was robbed on August 5 as she drove along Republic Road at Brackett Loop Road, just south of the Watson community near Lassiter Mountain Dragway. The victim told investigators that a man blocked the road with a dark-colored sedan.

The suspect got out while the victim stayed in her car. The suspect did not show a gun, but told the victim he would not shoot her if she gave up her purse; the suspect kept his hand on his pocket as though he had a gun in it.

The victim gave up her purse, and the suspect got back in his car and fled.

About an hour later, the suspect used the victim’s stolen credit card at a sporting-goods store in Five Points West. Store surveillance cameras caught the suspect making the purchase.

The suspect is a black male with a slim build, thin dark hair, a mustache and beard.

The robbery happened five days before another incident just yards away, where an elderly man was robbed and locked in a storage shed while cleaning some land he owned. That man was finally freed early Monday morning when his son started a search for him; a 1988 Chevrolet van was stolen in that incident, but was found abandoned near a Forestdale trailer park later on Monday.

Neither vicitm was injured. The Sheriff’s Office did not say if the two crimes were connected, or if the same suspect is wanted for both.

If you recognize the suspect shown in the surveillance photo or have any other information on either of these crimes, call the Sheriff’s Office at 325-1450 or Crimestoppers at 254-7777.

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