Do you have any treasures laying around your house?

If you do, it could mean big bucks.

Next Tuesday, Treasure Hunters Roadshow will pull into Gardendale for a five-day stay at the Microtel Inn & Suites on Odum Road.

The Springfield, Illinois-based group travels across the country in search of collectibles, including musical instruments, pre-1965 paper currency, toys, dolls, trains, vintage jewelry, war memorabilia, gold, silver, knives, daggers and the occasional unusual item.

Matthew Enright, vice president of media relations for Treasure Hunters Roadshow, said the group recently purchased items like a bed belonging to Johnny Cash and a rare letter from George Washington. Another recent find includes a 1960s-era Gibson Les Paul purchased for $100,000 and four gold coins purchased for $72,000.

“We have thousands of collectors around the globe who have a passion for their hobbies,” Enright said. “They pay huge dollars for these collectibles.”

He said while some people may prefer to sell their treasures on eBay, his group pairs up prospective sellers with an actual person who will give a fair market value.

Items purchased are bought with a specific collector in mind. The company makes money on the sale of the item to the collector. About 80 percent of all sellers who come to road show events have items purchased, Enright said.

“The benefit of selling items to us is they [residents] don’t have to deal with scam artists. We want to try to give as much money for the items as we can,” he said. “We’re going to hook the sellers up with collectors and they’ll get paid on the spot.”

Residents who have items to sell are given a number. Once their number is callled, the prospective seller meets with a represenative to learn the value and origin of the item. If the item is being sought by a collector, the seller is given a check for the item.

However, stolen items are not welcome by the roadshow group. Every person who brings an item to be sold must provide a name, address and phone number.

“We are 100 percent transparent and work closely with police departments,” Enright said. “We have details on everything we purchase, so we can track down items within just a few hours. We don’t want stolen goods coming into our shows.”

Before setting up shop in Gardendale, the group had to be granted a permit by the Gardendale City Council. The council approved the permit Monday night after a favorable recommendation from the city’s police and administrative departments.

The hours of operation for the Treasure Hunters Roadshow will be Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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