North Jefferson County may be part of a reshaping of Alabama congressional districts because of 2010 census results.

Most of north Jefferson County falls under the sixth Alabama congressional district, which experienced the most population growth of any of the seven districts in the past few years, according to census numbers. The population grew about 18 percent, more than twice the amount of most of the other districts. The congressional delegate for the 6th District is Representative Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills.

Jefferson County is the most populous county in the state, with about 650,000 of the state’s over 4.5 million people. No other county surpasses the 450,000 mark.

The 7th District, the only district to experience a population decrease (it dropped around 5 percent), extends an arm into the middle of the 6th District, covering most of Birmingham and just barely touching north Jefferson. The 7th District is delegated to Representative Terri Sewell, the only democratic representative in the congressional delegation. The November 2010 general election poll results suggest that the voting population of north Jefferson County is predominantly republican; Sewell might have to absorb some of the area into her mostly democratic district to restore balance to the population of each district. Each of the districts has a 683,000-person target population, and the 7th District falls about 80,000 people short, while Bachus’s district surpasses the target by about 70,000. State lawmakers will have to redraw the state’s map in order to cut down the population of Bachus’s district while adding population to Sewell’s. It’s also possible that the 7th District will take population from the adjacent 1st District and 2nd District, which had an eight percent and six percent increase in population, respectively.

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