Friday! Time to get ready for football…

Weather: Still gorgeous. The sunny days and nice nights continue through Sunday evening. Today’s high should reach 86, with a nighttime low in the lower 60s. Ditto for Saturday. Sunday night will see some rain rolling in with more on Monday, followed by a shot of cooler air — maybe lows in the 40s by mid-week.

Middle East unrest continues. Protests continued outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo, part of Muslim protests ostensibly agitated by an American-produced video which they claim insults the prophet Mohammed. The unrest grew to other Arab states, with five people being killed at a riot outside the American embassy in Yemen, and also one in Tunisia. This all started after four Americans, including the ambassador, were killed in an attack on a consulate in Libya.

Easy capture. When Jerry Lee Washington Jr. walked into the Warrior Police Department on Thursday to report that someone knocked out the windows of his car, he probably didn’t think he would be the one to be arrested. But police knew that Washington was a suspect in the break-in of two vehicles and a shed on Warrior-Jasper Road near the Cain Creek Fire Dept. station. Only moments before, Washington allegedly got into an altercation with a teenager who said he found Washington breaking into his car. The victim also claimed Washington tried to run over him, and that he fired two errant rifle shots at Washington as he fled. The busted-out car windows came from the victim’s father, in an effort to stop the suspect. When Washington came to file the complaint, Warrior police notified Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies, who made the arrest. Washington, 21 and a Warrior resident, is lodged in the county jail on two counts of vehicular breaking and entering, one count of third-degree burglary and one count of attempted murder; his bond is set at $50,000.

Sports: A full night of football. The top-ranked Fultondale Wildcats host Woodland tonight in the NJN Big Game for the week. Elsewhere, Gardendale travels to Mountain Brook, Hayden goes to Moody, Corner hosts Dora, Mortimer Jordan heads to Curry and Tabernacle Christian welcomes Victory Christian (Columbus, Miss.)…. NFL: Green Bay defeated Chicago 23-10 in the league’s oldest rivalry.


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