Web site films Kimberly court night

Things were a little different at Kimberly Municipal Court Thursday night.

About 20 defendants filed into the courtroom and saw two video cameras set up, one trained on the judge’s chair and one pointing to where the defendants would soon be standing in front of the judge.

The taping was a trial run, the first courtroom shoot for a new Web site called LegalTube.

Based loosely on YouTube, where anybody can post and watch videos, LegalTube bills itself as “The New Channel For Marketing Legal Services”.

While the Web site is up at www.legaltube.com, actual court video will not be shown until September, according to Lew Garrison of the law firm Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC, of Birmingham. The law firm is the owner of LegalTube.

Group seeks funding, information for memorial

A Gardendale group is moving ahead with plans to build a park honoring city residents who served their country.

The Gardendale Beautification Commission has worked for two years to build the Gardendale Veterans Memorial Park, located in the 1200 block of Decatur Highway.

Gardendale Fire Department offers safety seat help

Parents who may be a little confused about how to install a new or used child’s car seat can get free help.

The Gardendale Fire Department will participate in recertification training on child car seat installation next week. Lt. Alan Durham said parents are encouraged to stop by the station on July 1 for car seat installation or inspection between the hours of 2 to 5 p.m.

“We’ll need people there so we can be observed,” Durham said. “We’ll inspect to make sure the seat is installed correctly, or if they don’t have the slightest idea how to put it in, we’ll do that, too.”

Bike ride to raise funds for radio tower

For the sake of public safety, a north Jefferson County fire department is raising funds to get its radio tower operational.

During storms that swept through the area on April 1, the radio tower at Glennwood Fire Department near Morris was blown down.

Since then, firefighters have been receiving emergency calls on their cell phones or on a portable scanner kept at Deputy Chief Rick Nail’s house. Fire chief is Danny McGraw.

The station is hosting a benefit motorcycle ride today to help raise the $16,000 needed to pay for a used tower and get it installed.

“With the tower down, we’re not receiving (radio) calls unless we’re right there at the station,” said Nail. “With us being volunteer, we’re not always there.”

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