Riley signs education budget

Gov. Bob Riley visited a pre-kindergarten classroom on Thursday to ceremoniously sign a $6.3 billion education budget into law. The budget was approved with overwhelming support by the Legislature in the special session that ended May 31. “We knew this would be a difficult education budget because of the state of the national economy right now,” Riley said. “But I’m very proud that this budget not only protects funding for those programs we know are working to make a difference in children’s lives, it increases them to record funding levels.”

Riley noted the difficulty the education budget faced in the Legislature this year.

The Legislature failed to pass the education budget during the regular session, prompting the need for a special session. However, the budget passed quickly during a five-day special session.

“Republicans and Democrats came together and realized these programs are worth fighting for precisely because they’re making Alabama a leader in education reform in this country,” he said.

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