By Ashley McCleery

The North Jefferson News

Starting with a donation of $1,000, the Lions Club in Warrior has decided to financially help Warrior Elementary School with any needs of the students or teachers throughout the year.

Warrior Elementary School’s counselor Kristi Watts, who meets with the principal to decide which students have the most needs, said the community support is of utmost importance for such a small school.

“Most of the men in the Lion’s Club grew up here, and they knew there was a need here,” Watts said. “So, they decided they wanted to meet that need with this money for the ongoing needs of the students.”

Chester Jolly of the Lion’s Club did see the need and brought it to the attention of the Lion’s Club. After the Lion’s Club was established as the backbone of the project, the community stepped in to help.

Although the Lions Club donated the first check, they knew they couldn’t provide money to the school each month. So, the Lion’s Club approached local churches, businesses and individuals, and they agreed to contribute several hundred dollars on a monthly basis.

Mcalpine said the Lion’s Club has already exceeded their goal for the next couple of months, and the school is already able to help children who aren’t able to pay fees or buy supplies

“We’ve been trying to get merchants and churches to sponsor a class,” Lions Club member J.D. Mcalpine said. “There are 14 classes and each of the 14 classes have been adopted.”

Watts said she is grateful to have extra money to spend towards resources to help kids learn. “It’s very nice, especially for an area that needs help. It’s just generous,” Watts said.

Like Watts, Mcalpine is thankful for this opportunity to pour into the community. “I think it’s great to be able to do this,” he said. “We’ve been putting into the schools for a long time with scholarships and so forth. It’s just another way to put into the community.”

Warrior Elementary principal Mike Furgoli said the Lion’s Club has really come through for the school this year. “It’s one of the best things that has happened in this community, Furgoli said. “The Lion’s Club is one of the most caring groups. And the $1,000 check will go a long way. It’s great to have that because sometimes teachers reach into their own pockets to buy supplies.”

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