The new Mortimer Jordan High School Campus will open its doors for the first time for classes on August 15.

The council discussed placing extra police officers around the campus, particularly at a dangerous curve at Bill Jones Road and the newly-named Blue Devil Drive (formerly known as Bone Dry Road, where the school is located).

The council passed a motion to purchase speed signs and other traffic signs for roads leading to the campus at a cost of no more than $1,500.

Council members also discussed a problem with efficiently providing medical transport at the school’s sports complex.

Regular-sized ambulances cannot fit through most of the entrances to the 4,500 seat football field, and must take a long way around across the sports complex’s two practice fields. One solution that was discussed is to ask the county for a small utility vehicle to transport injured people from the field to a waiting ambulance. Stark also suggested asking Kimberly firefighters to stand by during games in case of medical emergencies.

In other business, the council:

• Began accepting applications for a city judge, prosecutor and public defender.

• Discussed fuel use reports by public vehicles, particularly police cars. Stark said some police cruisers were going beyond the 20-mile allowed radius outside of the city limits, and that some suspicious refueling, such as two by an officer that was on vacation and other after-hours fill-ups, were on the reports.

“We’ve had unusually high mileage. The tornado understandably was the cause of some of it for a couple of weeks,” said Stark.

• Discussed an overgrown lot on U.S. Hwy. 31 that has several vehicles parked on it.

“It’s not a valid car lot, and that’s what it’s being used as,” said councilman Bob Ellerbrock. Kimberly Mayor Craig Harris said the city might be able to cite a zoning ordinance as justification for removing the vehicles.

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