Jessica Riggins isn’t working at a fireworks stand this winter just for the fun of it — she’s earning money for something special.

On Aug. 5, Riggins and fiancé Ryan Baker are getting married. On Tues­day, Riggins and Baker were at work at Crazy Bill’s Fireworks in Gardendale to earn money for their wedding.

Riggins, who lives in Springville, said she has helped in the fireworks industry since she was about 13 years old because her parents own a fireworks business.

Baker has been selling fireworks seasonally since New Year’s 2009.


Using or watching fireworks is a big part of the the celebration for many families as they bring in the new year.

Brookside Fire Chief Donnie Huey said he has seen second- and third-degree burns on people’s hands and arms from the improper use of fireworks, including sparklers.

“People take it for granted,” he said. “I would never let my children use sparklers - they can use third degree burns.”

Huey also recommends keeping fireworks away from flammable liquids and from vehicles, and storing them in a safe place.

A big sign on the wall at Crazy Bill’s gives a list of more safety tips that people should follow when using fireworks:

• Obey city and town ordinances

• Purchase quality fireworks from reliable sources

• Follow printed instructions and use common sense

• Do not shoot fireworks from glass or metal containers; do not experiment with homemade fireworks

• Never point or throw fireworks at another person

• Use fireworks outdoors in a clear area away from buildings

• Light only one item at a time and move back quickly after lighting the fuse. Keep all other fireworks at a safe distance away

• Adults should supervise the firing of all fireworks


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