A group of local students is helping get the word out about the benefits of abstinence.

Jo Ann Holley’s graphics design classes at Gardendale High School recently designed T-shirt logos for use by the North Jefferson Women’s Center.

Representatives of the center chose six shirt designs to be used as give-aways at area high schools during abstinence education programs.

Kennedy Webster’s shirt states, “Being pure is the only cure.”

Webster, a sophomore, said she thought of the slogan after hearing information about sexually transmitted diseases. The North Jefferson Women’s Center also educates and tests clients for STDs.

“I figured being abstinent is the only cure for STDs,” said Webster.

Student Kayla Evans said the T-shirt assignment made her more aware of the issue of sexual abstinence.

The front of her shirt states, “Can’t Touch This,” and the back states, “I’m Abstinent.”

“There’s been a lot of talk about abstinence at school lately, but I never really paid attention to it until we had this assignment,” Evans said. “It really got me thinking.”

Dwayne Hosch’s shirt is geared toward making people think about the costs of having a baby. A circle of words on the front of his shirt reads, “Babysitter $800 a month, Diapers $100 a month, Formula $150 a month...” and the back states, “Abstinence, priceless.”

Holley said 80 students designed shirts as assignments for her class. Her students have created shirt designs for the North Jefferson Women’s Center for the past several years, as well as designs for local businesses.

Jeanne Busby, abstinence program coordinator for the North Jefferson Women’s Center, will give the shirts away when she hosts abstinence education programs at area high schools.

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