By Melanie Patterson

The North Jefferson News

The face of Gardendale High School is rapidly changing.

At the edge of the school’s football field, a new field house is taking shape.

One can see the outline of the field house, as the outer walls are partially built.

Officials with the Jefferson County Board of Education said the field house should be completed in about five months.

It will include a weight room and other amenities for the high-school football team.

And the former parking lot adjacent to the Rogers’ Building has been turned into a new portables community.

Twenty-two portables, to be used as temporary classrooms, bathrooms and a library, are set up and are being prepared for when school starts back in the fall.

Workers have built wooden steps, ramps and walkways for the trailers.

Gardendale High School principal Dr. Anna Vacca has said that she and assistant principals have formed a safety plan regarding the trailers for severe weather and other emergencies.

Vacca said there will be math, science, English, social studies and other classes housed in trailers. She is grouping the trailers of similar classes together to make it easier on the students and teachers.

One of the biggest changes in the school will come in the next few days as crews begin to demolish the north building of the school.

The Jefferson County Board of Education recently accepted a bid of $260,500 to Maloney Construction for the demolition.

The demolition should start in early July, according to Dr. Rafael McDaniel, director of new construction for the Jefferson County Board of Education.

The board will also pay the company $55,000 to build a temporary student parking lot.

Classrooms are set up in the portables and in the Rogers building while the north building is being demolished and the first phase of the school is completed.

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