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Your vote could help provide Mortimer Jordan High School Band with new instrument. Simply log on and place your vote at or vote using the Facebook link. For more information on this contest, call Craig Cagle, band director for Mortimer Jordan High School at 379-4870.

Jacksonville State releases honors lists

Jacksonville State University has announced the honors lists for the Spring 2011 semester.

President’s list

• Ashely Carr of Warrior

• Robert Brown of Gardendale

• Austin Faulkner of Gardendale

• Christal Jarrett of Gardendale

Dean’s list

• Tamara Tellis of Gardendale

• Jessica Graham of Pinson

UA releases honors lists

The University of Alabama has released its honors lists for the Spring 2011 term. Local students on the list include;


• Matthew Steven Piteo: President’s list


• Lisa R. Baggett: Deans List

• Brittany Taylor Cruce: Deans List

• Nicole M. Daily: Deans List

• Mary E. Easley: Deans List

• Robert W. Easley V: Deans List

• John M. Edwards: Presidents List

• Mary E. Ellis: Deans List

• William Alexander Gillette: Deans List

• Donald F. Gittman Jr.: Deans List

• Jonathan Pearce Glass: Deans List

• Samuel A. Gray: Deans List

• Clay P. Greene: Deans List

• Morgan L. Guthrie: Presidents List

• Krisi M. Hogeland: Deans List

• Justin A. Houchins: Deans List

• Brandon Michael Jones: Presidents List

• Jonathan E. Mayfield: Deans List

• Catherine A. Mitchell: Presidents List

• Haley E. Morris: Presidents List

• Jordan D. Morris: Deans List

• Casey A. Pickett: Deans List

• Clayton K. Smith: Deans List

• Lauren A. Ward: Deans List

• David C. Weaver: Deans List

• Brianna M. Weekley: Deans List

• Ashlee C. Weeks: Deans List

• Anna G. Wood: Deans List


• Cody C. Rager: Presidents List


• Samantha N. Owens: Deans List

• Carli M Patrick: Deans List

• Kelcie E. Self: Deans List

• William L Smith: Deans List

• Amanda B. Whitaker: Presidents List

Mt. Olive

• Ashlyn L. Cornelius: Deans List

• Jordan W Doss: Presidents List

• William C Erwin: Deans List

• Cori Eden Fain: Presidents List

• Zackery D Flippo: Deans List

• Parker B Simpson: Deans List

• Joshua Heath Wilson: Deans List


• Jessica L. Hancock: Presidents List


• Emily H Bates: Deans List

• Clayton T Jernigan: Presidents List

• Natalie K. Jett: Deans List

• Laken Brianna Price: Deans List

• Maria C. Webb: Deans List

Ward receives Troy scholarship

Racheal Ward, of Pinson Valley High School, received a Chancellor’s Award and a full tuition scholarship worth $24,000 to Troy University.

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