By Melanie Patterson

The North Jefferson News

Jackie Holt did not panic when one of her annual Christmas events fell through.

Holt, director of the Warrior Senior Center, not only came up with a Plan B, but she got four other centers to join in as well.

The Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens Services (OSCS) usually throws a big Christmas party at Boutwell Auditorium for thousands of senior-center members in the county, according to Holt.

But with county-wide budget cuts this year, the agency decided not to host the Christmas event.

“We decided to do our own thing on this side of the county,” Holt said.

She gathered the senior citizen forces and together they planned their own Christmas blowout.

On board with Warrior are senior center members from the Mt. Olive center, directed by Amy Brake; the Gardendale center, directed by Peggy Hoback Clark; the Kimberly center, directed by Jody Newman; and the Morris center, directed by Eloise Blankenship.

“This is amazing because you’ve got five senior center directors who all sat down and agreed on everything,” said Newman.

The event is strictly for seniors who already belong to senior centers. Holt expects about 200 participants.

Warrior Mayor Rena Hudson will introduce the speakers and the Rev. Mark Puckett of The Beacon A New United Methodist Church will give a devotion.

Valerie Childers, who formerly worked for OSCS, will clog for the crowd. Also, Newman will play the piano and Clark will sing and lead the crowd in Christmas carols.

Holt said Warrior Senior Center members are excited about the event, with 100 percent of them planning to attend.

“Maybe this is something we can start doing every year,” she said.

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