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Reginald Recartoo Dial

A Center Point man has been arrested for impersonating a peace officer.

Gardendale Police spokesman Lt. Bryan Lynch said that Reginals Recartoo Dial was arrested last week at Walmart, after Dial told employees that he was a narcotics office with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses told police that Dial wanted information on one of the store’s employees, whom he said had an outstanding warrant and owed back child support. Dial refused to show identification to the other employees, and later to an assistant manager.

The assistant manager became suspicious, and told Dial he was going to verify his identity. The manager then said he would call Gardendale Police, and Dial fled out the store’s front door.

Detectives found out Dial’s identity and home, and arrested him in Center Point. He is in the custody of the sheriff’s office on $15,000 bond.


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