Families can save a little extra money on back-to-school items this weekend, as Alabama's annual sales-tax holiday returns.

Beginning one monute after midnight on Friday and continuing theough midnight Sunday night, shoppers will not be charged the 4-percent state portion of sales tax on select items. The holiday dates back to 2006, and has been renewed annually ever since.

Not all counties and cities are taking part and waiving their portion of the tax, though. Jefferson County, which continues to work through its Chapter 9 bankruptcy procedure, will not take part and will still charge its 2-percent tax. Blount County, however, will waive its tax.

Locally, Gardendale, Fultondale, Pinson, Morris, Center Point, Hayden and Locust Fork will waive their sales taxes. Warrior, Kimberly and Trafford will not, so total sales tax of as much as six percent will still be charged there. Only Hayden and Locust Fork will no sales tax whatsoever on covered items.

The sales-tax holiday covers most clothing items up $100 per item, including adult sizes, but not sports and recreational equipment of accessories such as jewelry. Computer systems up to $750 are exempt, as are printers, paper and ink cartridges. Software is also exempt, except those items deemed purely for recreational use.

Nearly all school supplies are also exempt, up to a limit of $50 per item, and books are also exempt up to $30 each.

The Alabama Department of Revenue has prepared a full list of what is exempt, and what is not; that list is available here as a PDF file.

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