By Adam Smith

The North Jefferson News

The Gardendale Arts Council is seeking members of the community who would like to help with upcoming projects.

Council members are asking for volunteers to help the council with staging, costuming and carpentry, as well as singing and acting.

“Volunteers are essential to a strong arts council,” said Arts Council Chairman Larry York. “We have many volunteers now, but we need new enthusiastic members to help us move to the next level.”

York said volunteers don’t necessarily have to have theatrical talent. The council is in need of volunteers who can help behind the scenes too, York said.

Council member Sharon Wade said the council needs volunteers to take up tickets, serve food or anyone who might have experience in lighting and sound.

She said the council would like to have as many as 25 volunteers they can call on for an event.

“There’s talent out there that we haven’t tapped in to,” Wade said. “We’d like to find people who are willing to support the arts in Gardendale.”

Council member Jackie Henson said the council is not looking for any particular age group and even children and teens can be useful.

“After our plays or dinner theaters, we have to clean up,” she said. “If they can serve food or help us clean up, we can use them.”

The council stages such annual events as free movies at the Gardendale Civic Center, a bluegrass festival, a winter dance, plays and musicals.

The musical this year, “Oklahoma,” will be July 26-28 at the Gardendale Civic Center.

Wade said more volunteers would also allow the council to pursue other ventures such as offering classes to the community.

She said ideally, the council would like to offer art classes and start having art shows, displaying the talents of those in the community.

“Summer time is a down time for a lot of children and it’s a good time for children to concentrate on activities they don’t have time for during the school year,” Wade said.

Wade said another one of the council’s main goals is to have their own theater for productions. She said she hoped the council’s strong partnership with the city will eventually make that a reality.

“They’re so supportive of the council and always have been,” Wade said. “We’re in existence because of the city.”

Anyone interested in volunteering can download a form by clicking on the “arts council” link on the City of Gardendale’s Web site at

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