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I was honored to be asked to speak to the senior adults at Mt. Olive Baptist Church this week. What a delightful group of folks! I also have to say that the food was fantastic.

We talked about our state legislature and what they are doing and not doing. April 1 was the end of the first half of the state’s fiscal year. State budget committee chairmen have delayed working on the two state budgets until they get the latest numbers of tax collections through the first half of the fiscal year.

Only one major bill has made it through the House and Senate — legislation to restrict the hiding of campaign contributions through the transfer of money between political action committees. However, the House and Senate passed different versions of the bill and they haven’t been able to agree on a compromise.

With only about 10 working days left in Montgomery, I’m sad to report that our elected representatives have not accomplished very much.

Healthcare decisions

Good advance planning is a continuing conversation. Advance planning for health care is always a work in progress. That’s because circumstances and lives change.

If your wishes change, make a new advance directive if your old one no longer reflects your wishes. Remember, you can change your mind any time as long as you can speak for yourself. If you do make changes, make sure that everyone who needs to know is informed.

Selecting a proxy

When you decide to pick someone to speak for you in a medical crisis, in case you are not able to speak for yourself, there are several things to think about:

• Would they be willing to speak on your behalf?

• Would they be able to act on your wishes and separate their own feelings from yours?

• Do they live close by or could they travel to be with you if needed?

• Do they know you well and understand what’s important to you?

• Is it someone you trust with your life?

• Will talk to you now about sensitive issues and will listen to your wishes?

• Would be able to handle conflicting opinions between family members, friends, and medical personnel?

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “The future depends on what we do in the present.”

Dixie Kuykendall writes a weekly column on Mt. Olive seniors. She can be reached at 631-0049 or at

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