Gardendale Seniors by Mack McConnell

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Hurry on into the center this morning to participate in the Helping Hand Hospice Bingo which starts at 10 a.m.

You can learn a lot about a service that might be of utmost importance to you or your family in the days ahead. Have fun as you take part in their Bingo as they lay out their mission here in our area.

On Friday, we will have another Bingo. This one will be sponsored by the Hospice Service of Alabama.

On May 21, Liz Moore will be speaking on Low Vision and how it may be affecting you right now. Try to get the help you need before it is beyond repair. Nearly all seniors will at some period of their latter life be affected by this problem.

Programs that are presented week by week at the center are for your enlightenment. It lets you stay abreast of so many of the problems we or some of our loved ones have already faced or may be facing in the future. I encourage you to be present for these planned programs that may help you have the wisdom needed to ward off disasters.

Remember, an unfailing mark of a blockhead is the chip on his shoulder.

Don’t forget to call Peggy here at the center to set up the paper work for the Savannah/Jekyll Island/Charleston trip. Time is quickly running out for you to sign up for this fun-filled trip.

June 14 will be a big day for all of the people who have been a part of our five years here at the Gardendale Senior Center. A lot of people’s lives have been affected by the center during its first five years. Please bring to Peggy’s attention some of the things we might want to take another look at, such as the quilts that were made for children in Children’s Hospital, the many packages of goodies that have been sent to the war zone or Mrs. Lena heading up the fancy doll program.

Our community has been a big part of the success of the center as well with all of the help and cooperation that have been given. When you stop to think about it, a lot has gone on these past five years. We have a lot to be proud of and thankful for.

Senior of the Week

Our senior of the week is Eleanor Anne Cole Zumbado. She was born in South Highland Hospital in Birmingham.

She has lived in Washington, D.C., San Jose, Costa Rica and Gardendale. She currently lives on Colonial Avenue.

Eleanor attended North Birmingham Grammar School and Phillips High School. She worked at Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, The State Department in Washington and the OSA Productos Forestales in Costa Rica. After all of that, she still managed to get in 24 years at the Social Security Administration, where she retired from.

While living in San Jose, she got married and had her first son, Richard. Another son, Patrick, was born in the U.S.

She has loved to travel and has been all over the United States, including: Havana, Cuba, Nassau, Bermuda; 12 countries in Europe; and Mexico City, Tasco and Acapulco, Mex. Her love of traveling led her to join the Foreign Service, which she said she loved.

She enjoys swimming and playing Mexican Train Spinner Dominoes. She loves playing games with her two grandchildren, Blake and Courtney. She enjoys the center for the great fellowship with other center members.

She tells of many interesting things that have happened in her lifetime. We are so glad she comes to the center and takes part in many of the activities and wish for her many more enjoyable years here.

Wisdom is to know what is best worth knowing and to do what is best worth doing.

Until next week. God bless.

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