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A teacher from each school in the Jefferson County school district was nominated to be the district’s Second Mile Teacher.

At a recent banquet honoring them, those nominated completed this sentence: “To look like a teacher who goes the second mile, you need to ...”

Following are responses from teachers in north Jefferson County schools.

• Lisa Hyde, Bragg Middle: “... always do your best for the ones that matter the most - your students. Don’t do it for recognition or awards. Do what you do because you truly love your job.”

• Amy King, Bryan Elementary: “... always have your students’ best interest at heart.”

• Sherry Ledlow, Bryan Elementary: “... be a team player. I am so blessed to teach at a school that has an outstanding faculty and staff, supported by caring administrators. When you combine that with the best kids in the world, you have the perfect recipe for success.”

• Denise Thrasher, Corner Elementary: “... work diligently to achieve what is best for the students, parents, faculty and community. A second-mile teacher looks around, sees what needs to be done, and does it.”

• Mike Putman of Corner High School did not attend the banquet because he was directing the school’s spring drama performance.

• Kim Marsh, Fultondale Elementary: “... follow in the steps of all of the wonderful educators before you while making changes to be current.”

• Suellen Edmondson, Fultondale High: “... be committed and dedicated to whatever tasks will have a positive impact on the students’ learning environment for their future success and the overall positive image of your school in general.”

• Donna Corbett, Gardendale Elementary: “... be able to perfect that windblown hairstyle that comes from running from place to place.”

• Ginny Hughes, Gardendale High: “... be a teacher who gives 110 percent to her students, her school and her subject matter. A second-mile teacher must be one who considers teaching not just a career, but a life-long commitment, a love, a passion, and above all, a mission field.”

• Margaret Heron, Mortimer Jordan High: “... realize that your students can not and will not go above and beyond what you expect of them. With high expectations, consistent teaching and positive motivation, students will achieve amazing success and reward.”

• Laura Thomas, Mt. Olive Elementary: “... be willing to take risks, to continue to learn and be willing to change. You have to enjoy what you do every day and appreciate and respect each child.”

• Cindy Gray, North Jefferson Middle: “... always wear a smile; be prepared to share a hug; pray on behalf of friends, faculty and students; and be willing to do whatever it takes to help others and get the job done.”

• Angela Parrish, Snow Rogers Elementary: “... be ready with a smile to help with anything at the school, even if it is not in your job description. For instance, you help give the SAT to fourth-graders and prepare for a substitute to be in your Kindergarten room while you are giving the test.”

• Gerald Snyder, Warrior Elementary’s Second Mile Teacher, could not attend the banquet because of a previous engagement.

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