The former National Guard Armory on Cane Creek Road in Warrior is the future site of the Regional Library at Warrior.


The staff of the Warrior-Evelyn Thornton Public Library is looking to expand into a bigger building. 

The former National Guard armory building is an old structure which is located on Cane Creek Road and will serve as the new building for the library. The Warrior City Council has been working with the library staff and library board for several years on the new library. 

The library is headed up by Cassie Johnson. The decision to move the library was prompted by the current building being too small. Moving it to a bigger building will provide citizens with a wider range of books and more computers. 

Warrior mayor Rena Hudson has voiced strong support for the move. Hudson said that she is an avid reader and wishes for people to have a large selection of books to read. 

“It would be a boost to the whole area,” said Hudson. “Now we have a good library but it’s too small. We need to enlarge on it. We need to have more computers for the children who are not able to afford a home computer.” 

The delay in moving the library is due to funds being limited. Recently, a fundraising event was held at Global Fitness and Tanning to help out. 

“We’re seeking grants and we’ve had a good solid foundation membership,” said Hudson. “And they’re actively pursuing additional grants for renovations.”
It is not known when the move will begin.

When the renovations to the armory building are complete, it will be called the Regional Library at Warrior. 

Mayor Hudson said that the new building may bring in people from various parts of North Jefferson, which may include people from Hayden, Morris, Trafford, Kimberly, Cullman, Corner and other cities. 

As the staff waits, they keep busy in the meantime. Recently, Evelyn Thornton was one of the many libraries taking part in the summer reading program that aims to keep kids reading. 

In addition to the library, the Warrior Senior Center is a big gathering place in Warrior. 

Headed up by Jackie Holt, the senior center provides hot meals to senior citizens, as well as a place for people to play cards, dominoes, bingo and other games, as well as to just socialize with each other. 

The Warrior Ball Park is also put to good use by local teams. 

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