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KIMBERLY—Smoother roadways could be coming to Kimberly soon. 

Last Monday, the Kimberly City Council discussed a road-paving project that is being put up for bid. City leaders hope to completely repave roadways throughout the Country Haven and Kimberly Cove subdivisions while patching up additional problem areas within the city. Young Oaks subdivision is also being considered for paving.

“The street department has come up with a list of streets that need to be done in priority order. One of the oldest subdivisions [Cherrybrook] is probably a street that we will do pothole fixing on,” said Mayor Bob Ellerbrock. 

Kimberly has found it more economical to resurface entire subdivisions, compared to touching up sections as needed. However, some patch jobs are expected in certain locations of priority. 

The labor-portion of the paving is being put out for bid and Kimberly plans on buying the asphalt needed. According to Ellerbrock, the asphalt itself can be purchased tax free for 10 percent savings. 

The council hopes to have bidding options in time for its next meeting on April 8.

Erik Harris is the sports editor for The North Jefferson News. He can be reached at sports@njeffersonnews.com

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