Gdale School Rezoning

Parents in Gardendale heard from Jefferson County Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin Jr. and Deputy Superintendent Neal Underwood on Monday about a plan that would redirect approximately 200 students from Gardendale Elementary School to Snow Rogers Elementary.

The school system has been planning the rezoning to alleviate overcrowding at Gardendale Elementary and removing eight portable classrooms at the school.

A new, 11-classroom building opened last week at Snow Rogers and will allow the school to accommodate the new students.

Parents at the meeting expressed concerns about the fact that they live very close to Gardendale Elementary but would be expected to send their children across town under the new plan.

School officials said the students in the new area would have access to buses to get them to and from school.

Some parents were also concerned about moving students who are already settled at Gardendale Elementary and would have to be reestablished at a new school. Students going into the fifth grade would not be required to move for their last year, but other students would, regardless of where their siblings would go under the new plan.

Many parents also expressed frustration that the addition was placed at Snow Rogers instead of Gardendale, but officials said that wasn’t an option because the students would have to have been moved to another location, the portables removed while construction was completed.

The final plan has to be approved by Federal Judge Madeline Haikala, but is expected to take effect for the upcoming (2020-2021) school year.

Rachel Davis is the editor and general manager of The North Jefferson News. She can be reached at or by calling 205.631.8716. 

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