The Gardendale City Council on Monday approved a request from the Dobbins Group to extend a deadline for the zoning change that would allow the developer to build apartments off Flippo Parkway. The original zoning approval required the developer to have the permits approved for the building within six months, which would expire on October 15, but did have an allowance for the council to consider an extension of 90 days if that deadline was not met.

The Dobbins Group has been working on the final plans, according to the request and the city, but the plans were not complete and approved to enable the developer to apply for the permits.

The council granted the extension for 90 more days.

The Dobbins Group is planning to invest $32 million in creating the development, without using any federal funding, such as Section 8 or HUD.

In other business, the council also:

•heard that Captain D’s will reopen on Monday, October 14 and the Gardendale Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon cutting on October 15 at noon.

•authorized a series of general obligation warrants for capital expenditures.

•approved a rental agreement with the Jefferson County Board of Education to use the city’s exhibition hall for two art shows.

•amended the 2019 budget to cover approximately $7,000 in various expenses from printing to road repair materials.

•amended the 2019 budget to reimburse the general fund $22,332 from the ad valorem account for education for legal expenses incurred in 2019 related to the school system.

•hired Tanner Pope as a part time laborer at the Civic Center.

•approved the city’s participation in the 2020 Severe Weather Tax Holiday.

•authorized a maintenance contract on the copier in the Inspections Department.

•set the city’s holidays for 2020.

•named December 23, 2019 as an additional city holiday only for the 2019 year.

•renewed the city’s contract with UWAAA for the city’s senior center.

•created a court clerk position and promoted Kim Moody to the position.

Rachel Davis is the editor and general manager of The North Jefferson News. She can be reached at editor@njeffersonnews.com or by calling 205.631.8716. 

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