The Gardendale City Council on Monday accepted a bid from Massey Asphalt to begin work on repaving city streets. The cost of that work will total $372,261.12. That total does not include materials.

Mayor Stan Hogeland said the total cost of the projects will be $646,578.10 with materials, which the city can purchase via a cooperative at a lower price than many places.

Hogeland commended the council members and various city employees who worked hard to get the paving list together and allot money for the paving projects that will be only partially covered by the money the city receives from taxes intended for paving.

Roads that will be repaved entirely or in sections will include: Beasley Road, Caufield Drive, Gamble Circle and Mountainview Drive Intersection, Harden Road, Leigh Circle, Lenora Drive, Mitzy Drive, Moncrief Road, North Road, Payne Road, Pike Street, Pinehurst Drive, Pineywood Road, Sharit Avenue and Vann Drive,

Homeland said this will be the largest-scale paving project the city has undertaken since the early 2000s.

In other business, the council also:

•approved a resolution that will contract with the Prescott House in Birmingham to provide child advocacy services for the city, as needed. The Prescott House provides forensic interviews that can sometimes be used in court and are designed to get the truth from a child victim or witness without further traumatizing the child.

•approved the installation of a street light at Plantation Lane and Rosedown Trace.

•heard from the Public Works Department that the city’s leave vacuum service is underway for the year.

Erik Harris is the sports editor for The North Jefferson News. He can be reached at

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