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The Gardendale City Council on Monday approved a bid for the city’s first storm shelter, which will be located just off Highway 31 behind the Gardendale Fire Department.

The bid was awarded to Modular Connections LLC to begin work on the shelter. The cost for the initial work will be $170,116. The final cost of the finished building will be $203,978.

Mayor Stan Hogeland addressed community frustrations with the city’s delays on getting storm shelters constructed, saying most funds made available prioritized cities that had been hard hit by storms, something Gardendale has avoided thus far.

Hogeland and the council said they were still exploring options for funding to create additional storm shelters in the city, including a possible Community Development Block Grant application.

In other business, the council also:

•held a first reading of a rezoning for the property at 325 Fieldstown Road. The Church at Gardendale is moving and wants the city to rezone the property to a C-2 Community Business zone. The site has been proposed as a medical office.

•votes to surplus various items no longer used by the city.

•entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the Jefferson County Board of Education for use of the Gardendale Elementary, Bragg Middle and Gardendale High School gyms for the city’s park and recreation programs. This year, Snow Rogers is not included because of construction and renovation going on at the school.

•renewed the city’s tax administration contracts.

•hired part-time positions for the summer in the Public Works Department.

•tabled a measure to rename the portion of Mt. Olive Road in front of three of the city’s schools to Rocket or Rockets Way.

•approved the installation of a small cell facility at 217 Odum Road by AT&T.

•approved the installation of a street light at the intersection of Fieldstown Road and Phillips Drive.

•entered into a copier agreement with Ameritek for the court department.

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