Dr. Doug Alford, who practices internal medicine in Fultondale, speaks to a group of students at Fultondale High School Thursday during the school’s career day.

By Melanie Patterson

The North Jefferson News

Dr. Doug Alford cleared up something Thursday for a group of students interested in studying medicine: Doctors do not make $1 million a year.

Alford was one of many speakers at Fultondale High School Thursday morning for the school’s annual career day.

For the event, students got a chance to meet face-to-face with professionals of their choice.

About 30 people representing as many jobs were on hand for the school’s annual career day.

Fultondale faculty chose the speakers based on needs assessments from the students.

All students in grades seven through 12 filled out requests to hear from professionals in the careers they are interested in pursuing.

From there, a committee started brainstorming to round up the speakers, according to counselor Sheila Scott.

The professionals spoke in three 20-minute sessions, with students rotating from one speaker to another.

All FHS students heard from professionals in the top three fields they chose during their assessments.

The speakers represented a variety of fields, including chef, research, firefighter, engineer, photographer, athletic trainer, career counselor, police officer, attorney, stylist, scientist, military and many others.

“This gave them the opportunity to look at the careers they’re interested in,” said Scott. “The students are thinking about their post-high school needs, whether they’re going to college or going straight into the work force.”

Scott said the career day helps fulfill a state requirement to teach about career education.

Students got a chance to ask the pros how much money they can expect to earn in a certain field, as well as what the job is really like.

And the experts got to break popular myths that people hold about their careers, such as Alford’s disappointing revelation that all doctors are not millionaires.

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