Elsie Wells Thomas

Elsie Wells Thomas of Corner was convicted of manslaughter in the 2011 slaying of her ex-husband. She was sentenced to serve two years in prison and fined $10,000. Her defense attorney plans an appeal.

Elsie Wells Thomas, the Corner woman convicted in June of shooting and killing her ex-husband, has been sentenced to serve two years in prison.

The sentence came down in Blount County Circuit Court on Thursday in the case of Thomas, whom a jury convicted of manslaughter in the shooting of Matt Allen in January 2011 at his home in Hayden.

Thomas was also fined $10,000. She could have received as much as 20 years, a sentence that was sought by District Attorney Pamela Casey.

According to court records, Thomas shot Allen with a .410 gauge shotgun at close range. She claimed the shooting came after a long fight in the kitchen, though Casey disputed that, saying forensic evidence did not indicate a fight.

Thomas was originally found by the Blount County Sheriff's Office to be acting in self-defense and was not charged. But the case was referred to a grand jury, which returned an indictment against her.

Thomas was allowed to remain free on bond, over Casey's objections. Thomas' defense attorney said he plans to appeal the verdict. 

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