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Garden tip: Now is the time to rejuvenate your rock garden. Mix one-third sod, one-third soil and one-third peat moss and add over the top of the rock garden. Sweep off the extra soil that is over your rocks.

• Happy birthday to Bobby Wayne Mann and Destinee Kiley on June 8. I hope both of you have a great birthday and year.

• Waterstone Baptist Church will have vacation bible school, beginning Sunday from 6 to 8:30 p.m. The theme will be “Outrigger Island.” Pack your gear, prepare to set sail and discover how to live God’s unshakable truth. If you need information about this VBS or transportation, call 647-9592 or log on to www.waterstonechurch.org

• Pray for Emma Swindle, Burlie James, Betty Thompson, Orine Jones, Essie Mae Lowe, Erskine James and a young man that is having a real problem, Dee Sloan.

• We need to pray for our troops that are in harms’ way.

Evangeline Sloan is The North Jefferson News correspondent for the Warrior, Corner and Hayden communities. She can be reached at 647-9655.

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